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Transgender Trans rights Pride Buttons

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Celebrate and support trans folk - whether that be yourself, your friends, your peers or your fellow humans. Stand up to the bigots and make your opinion known. Display it on your coat, bag, fridge, bulletin board or anywhere else you can think to put it!

This set contains:
-Trans love
-I Stand With Them
-Fuck the Cis-Tem
-Support Trans Kids
-Trans Rights Are Human Rights

-----Specs & Physical Details-----
Both variations (buttons or magnets) measure 3.175cm (1.25") in diameter (from edge to edge).

The designs are protected by a thin, but resilient mylar layer which makes them water resistant. They can be readily cleaned with a damp cloth as needed. They are not waterproof (though personal experience has shown them to survive an accidental cycle through the washing machine...oops.)

The buttons have a metal pinback enclosure. They are durable and good quality.